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Teacher Testimonials

Here is some recent feedback we’ve gotten from teachers who oversaw one of our field trips!

“It was awesome! The kids were totally engaged! Loved all the hands on activities and opportunity to touch live animals. Thank you!”
-Easley Elementarycrab
-Kim Hayes

-Program: Animal Detectives

“Great. Very kid appropriate. Love the hands-on.”
-Wake Christian Academycradle
-Mrs. Lewis

-Program: Motion Commotion

“Great program! The kids really enjoyed it and were enthusiastic crababout learning. Great hands-on activities.”
-Grady A. Brown Elementary
-Sarah Walker

-Program: Natures Niche

“Students were excited from the beginning to the end”crab
-Youngsville Elementary
-Lynn Hamner

-Program: Funky Forces

“We always love to have Science Fun! It is always very informativecrab and the children love the experience.”
-Youngsville Elementary
-Pam Denton

-Program: Funky Forces

“It was very interesting and relevant to our curriculum. I like how thecrab students all had a chance to try experiments out.”
-Middle Creek Elementary
-Candice Stein

-Program: Storm Chasers

“My students all had a great time! Extremely fun!”crab
-Olive Chapel Elementary
-Ashley Miller

-Program: Funky Forces

“Great field trip! Great with students. Aligns perfectly with curriculum!”crab
-Holy Grove Elementary
-Shelly Cobb

-Program: Body Works

“Thanks for another great program! I’m never disappointed. All your presenters are great with the kids.”crab
-Holy Grove Elementary
-RueAnne White

-Program: Can you dig it?

“This was fantastic! I wish we had scheduled more this year.”crab
-Brassfield Elementary
-Meg Cassidy

-Program: Solids vs. Liquids

“Awesome program! Scientist Rachel was great!”crab
-Oak Grove Elementary
-Lisa Fanelli

-Program: Funky Forces

“Thank you! Love the hands on activities.”crab
-West Lake Elementary
-Ms. Sisk

-Program: Funky Forces

“The students were very engaged because of the interesting activities!”crab
-Oak Grove Elementary
-J. Taylor

-Program: Funky Forces

“Very good mix of lecture and hands on activities. The kids enjoyed being able to touch some of the animals.”
-North Forest Pines Elementarycrab
-Mrs. Allen

-Program: Animal Detectives

“As always, a wonderful program!”soil
-North Forest Pines Elementary
-Victoria Jenny

-Program: Soil Rocks

“Great job! Students were engaged and learned a lot.”crab
-Durant Road Elementary
-Ms. Brisson

-Program: Funky Forces

“This is my favorite trip. I love love the experiments, and the scientists make the experience fun every time.”soil
-Harris Creek Elementary
-Meghan Roach

-Program: Soil Rocks

“Spectacular program! Fits perfectly with our CORE goals.”soil
-Long Hill Elementary
-Susan Bucolo

-Program: Sound Surprise

“Never a dull moment! The children were excited and constantly engaged!”soil
-Creech Road Elementary
-S. Johnson

-Program: Mini Meteorology

“I enjoyed how hands on it was and that the students were able to take things home.”soil
-Fuller Elementary
-Erin Hottle

-Program: Our Place in Space



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